Klaus Ellerhusen Holm / Roger Arntzen
/ David Stackenäs




Ballrogg has recorded four albums, released on various labels. The latest album Abaft The Beam was released in February 2017 on the Portuguese label Clean Feed. The other Ballrogg albums is released on the Norwegians labels Hubro and Bolage.

View the three film contributions for Rimusicazioni International Film Festival 2018:

Maudite soit la guerre [1923] - Music by Ballrogg

L'ascension de la Pyramide de 'Chéops' par S.A.R. le Prince Léopold (1923) - Music by Ballrogg

Types de macédoniens [1912] 1280p - Music by Ballrogg


Abaft The Beam (2017), CF403CD
Cabin Music (2012), HUBROCD2515
Insomnia (2010), BLGCD010
Ballrogg (2008), BLGCD003

Listen to excerpts from all the albums on either Spotify, Sound Cloud or direct links in MP3 quality further below on this page.


released February, 2017 on Clean Feed

Clean Feed about Abaft The Beam:

For some time, and for two released albums, Ballrogg was the name of the duo formed by clarinetist and saxophonist Klaus Ellerhusen Holm (Honest John, Large Unit) and double bassist Roger Arntzen (In the Country, Chrome Hill), identified by a captivating approach which combined an exploration of the influence of Jimmy Giufree and Eric Dolphy's particular brand of jazz with the kind of non-linear structures patented by the indeterminist new music composer Morton Feldman. Meanwhile, a third element joined the project and things got more complex, and that because Ivar Grydeland (Huntsville, Dans les Arbres) brought with him a strong country & western influence. Pointed out as the Bill Frisell of experimental improvised music, Grydeland's pedal steel guitar and banjo contributions are key to the "free chamber Americana" now proposed by the group, in a much clearer way than the one played by the Chicago's band Town & Country. Curiously enough, neither of these musicians are from the United States and the music itself denounces its Scandinavian origin. The ability of the North European scene to reinvent «American classical music» (the label Duke Ellington gave to jazz) and even to reinvent the American folk roots is legendary, and here we have one precious example.

ABAFT THE BEAM on Spotify:

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released May 11, 2012 on Hubro

CABIN MUSIC on SoundCloud:

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released January 25, 2010 on Bolage

INSOMNIA on Spotify:

Audio excerpts from album INSOMNIA:
All audio is excerpts from the original files, 160 kbps mp3 quality.

N.R.E.M. (Klaus E. Holm) | 2:18 sec
Sleepwalker (Klaus E. Holm) | 1:14 sec
Monkeytown (Klaus E. Holm) |
1:06 sec
Kampenhaug (Klaus E. Holm) | 1:18 sec
Woody Creek (Klaus E. Holm) |1:21 sec
Sort of In a Chromatic Field (Morton Feldman) | 1:39 sec

Bolage about Insomnia:

The Norwegian duo Ballrogg, consisting of saxophone player Klaus Ellerhusen Holm and bass player Roger Arntzen, have made an intriguing new album. Since their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album (BLGCD003), the duo has moved into significantly deeper water, drawing influences from European contemporary music as well as American avantgarde. On Insomnia, their influences are mixed with a cinematic sensitivity, creating soundscapes that are deeply disturbing and stunningly beautiful.

On Insomnia the duo are joined by guitarist/laptop artist Lars Myrvoll and violinist couple
Ole-Henrik Moe and Kari Rønnekleiv on three tracks, expanding the duo´s sonic palette even further.

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released March 10, 2008 on Bolage


BALLROGG on Spotify:

Audio excerpts from debut album BALLROGG:
All audio is excerpts from the original files, 160 kbps mp3 quality.

Gazzelloni (Eric Dolphy) | 1:36 sec
Sex Spy (Ornette Coleman) | 1:49 sec
Out To Lunch (Eric Dolphy) | 1:33 sec
Ball (Klaus E. Holm/Roger Arntzen) | 1:05 sec

Bolage about

We are very proud to present our third release: the Norwegian duo Ballrogg´s self titled debut album. Ballrogg is Klaus Ellerhusen Holm on alto saxophone and clarinet, and Roger Arntzen on the double bass. It is a true joy to hear two accomplished and daring young players interpret classics from the free jazz/ avantgarde repertoire, including works by Eric Dolphy, Jimmy Giuffre and Ornette Coleman. Three songs are composed by the band members them selves.

The transparency of the duo format gives the music a rare purity, and really makes the quality of the songs shine through. Exploring yet lyrical, this music is fresh, challenging and strikingly beautiful.

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